Joanne Rawlings

Infuse Energies to the Body, Mind & Soul 

Guidance for all Health Issues

Our body seeks a refreshed way to aid you on this earthly plain, a natural harmony to balance the path of health issues. Every natural way you achieve becomes a new journey to light up, awaken cells and bring more ideas. Step by step a new strength is developed in yourself to begin exploring some more natural alternatives, it is always your decision and free will.

Using the natural earthly way your health will be guided to a new realm. It will give options that you were not aware of and will guide us to a healing balance, a way to help your healthcare. It will open up to help with more energy, boosting vitality and can wake up the bodily senses.

With Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis since 1997, ( no remission),  the chronic pain, fatigue, dizziness, shakes and some weight loss have healed doing this energy & natural way. It has produced a fresh awareness of existence and higher vibrations to continue healing. This website leads you to an abundance of useful healthy guidance to boost the energies …….. 

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