Joanne Rawlings


Energy Light

As we all have challenges to learn from, mine also had it’s intense up & downs with mental & physical abuse given, six surgeries, a traumatic life-saving blood transfusion, divorce, miscarriage & many other upsets. I was then diagnosed Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 which became quickly aggressive. As well as having 2 young children who needed their mum, Strength & courage became my middle name.

As growing up, my lifestyle was a mixture of natural & medical but I must admit I fell apart when diagnosed, was overwhelmed especially living away in another country without my family guidance. My children came first above all else, so with being confused as to what to do I followed the prescribed medical trail with wrong processed foods and no lifeforce awareness.

After living with MS it quickly got severe, I became overcome with chronic fatigue, debilitating pain, spasms, weakness all over, needing 24-hour care and sometimes bed-ridden.  That’s it I decided, after many years of being progressively worse & in a motorised wheelchair, I stopped all the medication. It wasn’t working for me at all and was expanding more other health problems.

It became quickly obvious to me; change and completely overhaul my lifestyle.  The light of awareness took over & I received an activation/download of cosmic force energies, altering my lifeforce, doing natural and quantum healing which I share with you. Yes, a new body with a fresh natural world emerged, throwing off the shackles that bound me. It also taught me to help others in overcoming some health problems.

I now share all the healing natural options that helped develop a great lifestyle. 
My informative healing book with quantum energies will be published soon which will give a fulfilling natural path to follow in your own way.


Release yourself, be free to find your force, a natural healing process that is born into this Earth. A lifeforce of peace