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Chia Boost

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Organic Chia Seeds are like tiny vitamins to use every day in food or drinks. They are one of my healthy healing powers, they add no taste but are so nutritious and easy to mix.

Chia seeds were an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans back in the day and they loved them for their ability to give sustainable energy.  Chia is the ancient Mayan word for “strength.”

Despite their ancient history as a dietary staple, chia seeds became recognized as this days superfood, and they certainly are.

They can be added to everything edible, but pre-soak them first for smoothies & stir-frys. For eg, 1 tablespoon chia to 3 tablespoons of water, they thicken in approximately 15mins or less. When adding to baking you do not have to presoak them, they can be added in dry. When not using all of the pre-soaked chia seeds they can be placed in the fridge for a few days to use later when needed .

Pre-soaked 1-2 teaspoons of Chia seeds can even be fed to family pets and farm animals. They will benefit greatly from the nutrients. We feed them pre-soaked to the animals in their meals once a week.

Nutritionally speaking chia seeds are a very high source of omega-3s, which are linked to a wide variety of health benefits. They contain much needed  magnesium, amino acids and a healthy assortment of minerals. Chia seeds are high in protein and fiber, both of which have been shown to aid weight loss

They would help in everyone’s health & wellbeing.

Chia seeds also have:

3 times the iron of spinach
5 times the calcium of milk
2 times the potassium of bananas
2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
3 times the antioxidant potency of blueberries

One of my smoothie recipes I have written here to show how I add organic chia seeds for some energy.

1-2 Leaves of Kale or Silverbeet, Spinach
2 Diced Dates or 4 grapes or both
1 Ready to eat or frozen diced Banana
1/2 Cup Water & 1 ice cube
Optional pre-soaked 1-2 Teaspoons Organic Chia Seeds

1. Put leaves in the blender first with water, mix for 2 minutes
2. Then add dates or grapes, banana and presoaked chia seeds. Blend for a further 1-2 minutes. Serves 1 

The photo is a recipe called ‘Crumbed Rice Cakes’ which is in my book coming soon. This recipe is also great for putting 1 tsp of organic chia seeds in.

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