Joanne Rawlings

Different Perspective On Life’s Challenges

By Useful Ideas

There is so many negative things advertised and around us that no wonder people feel victimised and down. In knowing about all the issues we have to deal with it’s good to change your own mindset and look at everything in a different light.

Open the perspectives and awareness on what is around us.  Instead of people saying ‘you poor thing’ reply to them by saying “Well now I can have time to study/read at home“, or “lets look at a healthier lifeforce.” Changing the outlook really helps.

Some great changes you could look at are:

  • To have more patience and forgiveness with yourself and others
  • Be more courageous, loving and adventurous
  • Give healing to the body & mind through food & exercise
  • Meet new friends and carers
  • Have time to Volunteer when you can – eg; go to a animal shelter & pat all the cats
  • Show appreciation in all the help you receive
  • Teach yourself the importance of lifting the self-esteem to get through the difficult days
  • Learn new skills, hobbies eg; blowing bubbles, fly a kite, a new language
  • Be grateful for families assistance and show love

Just by opening your ideas and thoughts, changing your outlook in small ways, life gives you new options. Have a look at your own life, what things can you do now, write them down, acknowledge them and share with others what you are going to do to improve the outlook –Look Out For A New Fresh Me :)

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