Joanne Rawlings

Strength Learnt

By Useful Ideas

“If you want to change you have to do the work yourself, nobody can do it for you” – realistic and true.

No matter whatever we pray to or not, there is a guidance of light around to help us.  In myself following Buddhist psychology, and Quantum forces of energy, there is no denomination on these and they give courage, freedom, faith and peace.

Now more aware of my surroundings, this light awareness and Buddhist type psychology never tells me what to do, allowing to always find yourself through life’s maze.  It helps take away the heaviness or burdens we put on ourselves and in place gives lightness and joy to help deal with life much easier. You follow whatever source helps and gives you peace.

I know MS or any illness is not easy but it has been given to us for a reason, to teach us to have strength in what we do and think. To learn to change our natural foods, which make our quality of life easier and to make us more aware of the actions we need to make in our lives to feel better.

Simplicity is now always my motto in which helps get rid of the extra burdens we carry.

Life has a lot of goodness in it, we just need to look around at the simple things we have. Write down everyday or say out loud about what your are grateful for. Be it a roof over your head, carers support, a nice warm bed, water available, someone to talk too and food in our stomach.

These things and more shows us to appreciate the small day to day requirements, making us aware of what we are lucky to have in our lives, then your life-force and well-being will start to improve with gratitude.

For good health I personally have decided to stop watching some television especially the news. There is so much negative stuff and propaganda on it which doesn’t involve me so why bring myself down to that level, we still have lots of compassion for everything going on in the world, but to look after the body it is vital to have a more peaceful reality in all our surroundings.

This became my approach of healthcare. It makes you feel so relieved to stop the incessant TV media negativity. What you can do instead is read, listen to music, go on the computer for writing or research, put dinners on for friends and family, crochet/hobbies, skype, enjoy the night air – harmony of stars, gardening – touching the earth and learn to meditate for your health.

A peaceful body & mind is stronger

Respecting yourself & other people
Nurturing animals & nature
Give loving kindness to people & yourself
Forgiving yourself, the body & others
Gratitude to all life and Earth

My compassion is to everyone with challenges, I wish you healing strength, love, light & peace

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