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VITAMIN D – How Much and Why?

By Useful Ideas

This is one of the most fantastic vitamin that was suggested and researched many years ago. The extensive scientific research done on this now will give us more insight to even better knowledge for all.

What happened is by reading about Vitamin D I decided to further research about it, but first checked my D levels through a blood test. It was down to 38ng/ml and was told by medical staff that it was ok…. not by my intuition it was too low so I decided to increase it to 150ng/ml or more, in fact at one stage it hit 180ng/ml. I found the higher the better was felt with healthcare. Being very low/deficient at the earlier stages was definitely a big factor in the deterioration of health. As I been sun lover, and a beach girl who tans easily, and it was low… it goes to show you that no matter who brown or sun intense you are the body can still be deficient in Vitamin D!

So now I realise that it has nothing to do with how much sun you get, or how you tan, it has to do with your absorption of Vitamin D through the sun and food. My thoughts are that hormones play a big part in this and the toxic chemicals we absorb through food, water, skin or air is affecting the hormones in our system. This is why I started my natural way and also gave up refined/artificial sugars – I found you become vitamin/mineral deficient especially in Magnesium with taking these incorrect sugars, hidden in many foods and liquids. See my Withdrawal of Sugars and how article

Through my observation and research it was my choice to take 5000iu of Vitamin D3 daily. The reason for taking a bigger amount is that small doses were doing nothing for me and knew in my heart that by increasing the amount from the dose on the bottle that I would start seeing a great benefit with nothing to lose and a lot to gain. In taken that amount for 12 months my level increased and then I brought the dose down to 2-3000iu daily and got my levels checked regularly.

Over time, the improvement with taking bigger amounts of Vitamin D was very beneficial.

Strength and stamina were increased for me, meaning my fatigue lessened and also you became happier. So much so that I was able to wean off the anti-depressants many year ago – depression, can now be treated a more natural way rather than prescribed medication. In having a stronger bone density which you get also from withdrawal of the incorrect sugars, it gives more strength bodily and mind which means you can exercise more. I also found colds lessened and when other people, with a cold who took Vitamin D found it got better quicker and easier to manage. So all in all I am grateful to look into this further.

I now with following my natural way, do not require it as I receive enough of it in my organic energy path which you’ll see in my book I’m writing currently.

With all the research noted you can read all about Vitamin D and all given details. It is good for everyone to check it out for our good health.

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